Hospital Dentistry

hospital dentistry

Dr. John Harden has been treating patients in the Emory Hospital System since 1988. He has extensive experience in treating medically compromised patients and fearful patients in the operating room and in the office.

This expertise is due to years of experience, and to a residency training program in anesthesiology in a University of Illinois program in Chicago, as well as medical training in Europe. 

Since Emory is a teaching hospital for a major university, any patient can be treated regardless of the severity of his or her disease, or no matter how fearful the person may be of dental procedures. We turn no patients away. During hospital cases we have the full resources of the Emory Hospital System at our disposal, and we are prepared for any eventuality.

If any doctors out there have this type of patient (and there are many), we welcome their referral since we are equipped to handle such cases. This includes special patients with developmental delay, Down syndrome, severe cardiovascular disease, and a host of other conditions.

Naturally, we welcome referrals from patients who have been turned away from other offices because of the difficulties related to their treatment.


Hospital Dentistry at Emory University Hospital Midtown